Good business ideas 2014

October 4, 2022
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Become a residential property designer

A recognised idea, starting up as a property creator is a bankable business for 2014 while the housing shortage hits breaking point.

In November 2013, Westminster think-tank plan Exchange unveiled conclusions that with swelling need and minimal give you the UNITED KINGDOM “must” build 1.5 million new domiciles by 2020. This equates grand total of 300, 000 homes yearly from 2014 onwards.

Which means housing industry is booming incase Office for nationwide Statistics’ present prediction that the UK population will grow to 10 million within the next 25 many years, tend to be correct a residential property development company might be extremely lucrative without a doubt. Richard Sexton, manager of e.surv chartered surveyors contends this instance:

If even more homes aren’t built, it is first-time purchasers who will undoubtedly be pushed out from the marketplace, as prices are propelled greater. Searching forward, possible interest increases, may also effect on providing amounts as they begin to push up the percentage of income that purchasers should devote to repayments.

“It’s essential that first-time purchasers simply take this on-board now to avoid any upsets more down the line. In the meantime, an increase in home building enable place a lid on home cost goes up, maintaining residential property available to the whole marketplace.”

Become a camping pod provider

An eco-friendly supplying, ‘camping pods’, pre-manufactured pop-up huts, are becoming ever before widespread as more men and women start to value their versatility; as residence workplaces or play areas in gardens, a fishing or searching lodge, or as a beach shack.

The rise in UK “stay-cations” because of the domestic vacation segment growing 19percent since 2007, has actually lent itself to an uptake of camping pods much more Brits seek alternate methods to take pleasure in the British summer-time.

Some in order to broaden their particular offering, including pods with their sites as an alternative for all looking to camp in more glamorous environment, otherwise referred to as “”. Huge in the usa with companies including dominating the marketplace, UK pod manufacturers have started to appear on the scene creating an opening for business owners to simply help simply take these pods to market.

Start a beverage shop

Today a billion pound market, tea is big business and just like independent coffee stores, a trend we effectively identified would sky-rocket in 2013, independent tea stores are fast becoming all the rage.

Appealing to a cross industry of society, tea stores are not any longer only an attraction for a mature demographic but gained a ‘trendy’ label.

Cafes tend to be scrapping high-end food and alternatively concentrating their particular attempts into providing amenities such as beverage and cookies, alongside an appropriate experience. in Shoreditch is one of the companies leading this market providing just beverage, biscuits and WiFi 100% free in return for a pay-as-you-go cost.

Buy an United states junk food franchise

To not be confused with starting a quick food team in america, you can find growing options for UNITED KINGDOM entrepreneurs to open up an United states team outlet this region of the pond.

Much more United states companies are looking to extend their particular get to offshore with leading multi-million US junk food chains Denny’s Inc and Taco Bell askin UK franchisees to become listed on their particular group, this may be a great marketplace for 2014. Sam Parton, creator of recreations market OpenPlay agrees:

“Popularity features exploded for eating out at establishments priced between fast-food and conventional restaurants, specially beefburgers. Franchises could for that reason be interesting.

“Five Dudes successfully crossed the Atlantic this season, possibly there could be scope to carry various other franchises across the pond which aren’t however in britain. United states Wendy’s, Taco Bell as well as in and Out Burger all spring to mind, although the place is totally crucial.”

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