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February 9, 2021
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From What Not To Ever Do File:
Don’t give your associates rewards and gift ideas from another direct sales organization

Consider this situation: a primary sales specialist has many downline associates. She would like to provide a sales motivation because her figures are some sluggish.

As opposed to offering as prizes some additional product from her business therefore associates can build their particular inventory, you would like to provide something different.

Rather than offering some business products to greatly help develop their own organizations she wants to provide something different.

Instead of going for a Starbucks or Amazon present card so they can have a glass or two on her behalf or get some thing to assist their company, she would like to do something in a different way.

She chooses to purchase rewards from another network marketing consultant with another business.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m all for promoting independent professionals. I buy from other professionals on a reasonably daily basis … however for PERSONAL USE!

The reason why would we maybe not use my very own company products that i really could make percentage, add to my required amount and help associates develop their inventory? Or if perhaps we opted doing something non-company related, such as for instance Amazon, the recipients could choose what they wanted.

But giving products to her associates from another direct selling company, right here’s what she’s informing the lady downline:

We don’t offer anything that may help your company or that you want. Actually, I’m going to supply a thing that this various other business provides, if you love it, you should leave my group and register with this company, then you can buy more and earn commissions about it. Or you don’t want to leave my group, you could still register with another company, in that case your attempts, attentions and funds will likely be divided which means you won’t be attempting to sell or purchasing just as much with my company, but i'm ok thereupon, otherwise the reason why would I be pressing you away?

Wait! It gets better.

I simply heard a story of a group frontrunner buying products from another business to offer her group, in addition to items she purchased ended up being anything much like exactly what her very own business carries! When I asked the girl about the reason why she'd do this she reacted that rep with all the other company bought loads from the woman therefore “she thought obligated!” Yikes. If you’re the kind who feels obligated to purchase from folks, let me present my webstore target! Or maybe purge your guilt, however for gosh sakes don’t supply the items you bought regarding responsibility towards own downline!

I just don’t understand that would believe this is a good concept!

Consider the important thing. Start thinking about profit margin. Give consideration to whether what you’re about to participate in will increase sales – which, sales of the own products.

If the activity you take these days won’t lead you nearer to the next customer, number or recruit, it might be time and energy to rethink your activity program. If you’re a direct product sales independent consultant, you’ll excel to stick to providing your own products.

Source: www.sparkplugging.com
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