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November 12, 2021
Business owner left home to

Nicole Connolly Hollywood United States Of AmericaCourtesy of Nicole ConnollyNicole Connolly in Hollywood, California.In 2011, Nicole Connolly began saving cash.

Located in Brisbane, Australian Continent, Connolly had run into the world of travel bloggers and was rapidly sucked in.

"I had constantly wished to travel a lot more than the one month annually we get in Australian Continent, plus in early 2011 I realized the field of vacation blog sites and read stories on how these bloggers had been traveling full-time, " she claims. "I became obsessed with the concept and I simply knew which was exactly what I wanted to complete."

Spurred by the loss of her mommy, which, in their last-ever discussion, encouraged the lady doing whatever made the woman pleased, Connolly decided she would do so: She along with her companion Michael would keep their particular tasks and tripped on a lasting travel all over the world.

Connolly had been working 70-hour days at the award-winning time spa she had possessed for 13 years, and Michael had been working as a task manager for a building business. By January 2012, that they had saved $50, 000 to finance their travel and booked a one-way pass into the United States, where they embarked on a three-month road trip.

Connolly began dealing with remote jobs to make cash while they journeyed, including vacation blog posting, social networking administration, composing e-books, independent writing, and va work.

"I have been an entrepreneur for many years, but the online world had been new to me personally, " she remembers. "thus I had to fumble my means through it. I took a few classes and read hundreds of publications to aid get me personally from the right path."

After that, in January 2015, she launched what is actually her main business: Freedom Junkies, a resource for people who desire to veer from the old-fashioned job course and follow their particular fantasies. Your website includes Connolly's e-books, a blog, a Facebook neighborhood, and a program on getting a social media manager who are able to work from anywhere.

nicole connolly barbadosCourtesy of Nicole ConnollyNicole Connolly along with her companion Michael in Barbados.Today, Connolly and her partner earn six figures a-year between their blog, Freedom Junkies, and a social news administration company.

Usually, she states, she works about four hours everyday while they travel every where from Iceland to Costa Rica. Presently, they truly are spending 3 months within the Bahamas.

In February, they're going to commence to offer a 16-week e-course considering just what she is learned all about working from another location as a social media manager: stop the Cubicle.

"[this course] came into being because we'd hundreds of email messages through our web log and communities asking us the way we began a web business, " Connolly claims. "there have been just numerous others on the market thinking of stopping the 9-to-5 life and beginning unique web business so they can work from all over the world."

Then, in 2017, they're going to shut the social media administration company (which Michael at this time oversees) to dedicate even more power to online classes.

"The 'freedom business' revolution keeps growing quickly because more and more people are simply because it is in reality possible to work from a laptop around the globe and work out decent money, " Connolly says. "Long gone will be the times where budget people made pennies cleaning hostel bathrooms to support themselves. They are all on the web now making good money — many making much better cash than they were at corporate jobs! It is 100percent possible to produce your dream a reality if you put in the task. And, in the event that you don’t know where to start, there are many resources and individuals to aid allow you to get on the road to a life filled with freedom and pleasure."

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