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January 5, 2020

Yesterday I happened to be addressing a small company owner about their blog site which had become sedentary. They would hit a block with ideas for content and asked for advice.

We went residence and began to brainstorm. Here is my very first draft of a summary of questions/topics/ideas that that might stimulate blog posts (I would like to hear your recommendations to enhance this in reviews below). I'll feature some (with credit) in a future post for ProBlogger.

I am hoping 1 or 2 of those offer you a lamp moment for your blog posting.

  1. What are the most often asked concerns your visitors ask?
  2. What's the biggest myth folks make regarding your company?
  3. Do you know the biggest myths inside industry?
  4. Exactly what do your web visitors must know to produce great purchasing choices?
  5. What is the story behind the founding of the company?
  6. How did your company get its name?
  7. What exactly is a complete how-to that'll guide customers through an important tutorial?
  8. What is the tale behind your new product or service?
  9. Understanding a hard truth your prospects have to hear?
  10. Who will be the individuals that work with your organization and how performed they arrive become with you?
  11. Which are the first 3 things some one must become an expert within industry?
  12. What exactly is a customer success story that you can share?
  13. What's daily within the lifetime of your business like?
  14. What's a behind the scenes glimpse it is possible to provide of the business?
  15. Something a statistic regarding your customer base? (run a survey or poll to find out)
  16. What's your viewpoint about in which your industry is headed?
  17. How will you hire your staff?
  18. What would you increase another person's article? What did they miss?
  19. What's your 'only we...' declaration? The thing that makes business specific?
  20. Understanding an ongoing process which you do daily that one could capture?
  21. What are the most typical errors the thing is that people making within business?
  22. Exactly what are crucial items of news/advice/tutorials/opinions from a week ago in your industry (conventional news and brand-new news)?
  23. Write an open letter to.
  24. Talk about legislation modifications which may impact your industry
  25. Exactly what do your prospects have actually a hard time performing?
  26. What is the biggest news in your industry - and so what does it indicate for the consumer?
  27. Exactly what would you suggest customers review or watch?
  28. What's a training you discovered within the last 12 months?
  29. Provide a checklist highly relevant to anything your web visitors might do.
  30. Create a printable/template to help consumers achieve something
  31. Exactly what had been the key takeaways from a conference or business occasion you attended?
  32. Which are the latest trends which are emerging in your business?
  33. Who's a business frontrunner that you could profile/interview?
  34. Who's one of the staff you might profile/interview?
  35. What's the most readily useful advice you have had from a customer?
  36. What exactly is an estimate that relates to your business/industry?
  37. What is the most innovative use you have seen for example of one's items?
  38. That is a customer you might profile/interview?
  39. Write-up a talk or presentation you gave
  40. The thing that was the largest challenge your company had within the last year?
  41. What 10 consumers, peers, staff could you ask an individual question of and produce a wrap up article on?
  42. Just what two services and products might you compare?
  43. Exactly what two methods might you assess?
  44. What is a hot discussion/debate that occurred in your organization recently that you might recap or include your readers in?
  45. What is the reputation for your business - from beginning to today.
  46. Project forward - in which will your industry take five years? Make a prediction?
  47. Sum up the year that was.
  48. Evaluation a book your visitors should read
  49. Assessment an instrument, product or service relevant to your prospects
  50. Create a honor for the industry
  51. Do you know the biggest secrets regarding the industry?
  52. Record a discussion your team is having (podcast or video)
  53. The thing that was a funny thing that occurred within business this week?
  54. What is your biggest enthusiasm?
  55. Exactly what mistakes have you made and exactly what do you find out?
  56. Supply a wrap-up of must read/follow blog sites and/or social media reports within industry
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