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April 30, 2021
Home Business Ideas, UK

Person dragging a suitcase"we started sendmybag.com in 2006. The concept behind my company? Fundamentally, for a hard and fast cost we collect baggage from students' household domiciles and provide it to halls or rented accommodation next to where they are studying. We do that within 48 hours, any place in great britain. Demonstrably, come the termination of term or educational year, we could take pupils belongings back for them.

"it requires the trouble off moving things on public transport, which will be dedication if, state, students life in Northern Ireland, however studies in The united kingdomt or vice versa. Or, if a student life in England but studies in Scotland or vice versa, it could save mum or father an extremely lengthy drive.

"there is an expense problem, also. If students really wants to fly house or apartment with heavy instances at the conclusion of the season, they will need to pay extra luggage, which will ben't inexpensive. We charge £22 per 30kg situation – £20 in the event that student has actually a UCAS card quantity. Anybody giving more than three things gets a 10 percent discount.

Air rage

"exactly how did I come up with the theory for my business? I was over in Oxford seeing my girlfriend who was simply learning there. To have back into Northern Ireland, where we're from, we'd for from her halls towards the advisor section in Oxford with three heavy suitcases, after that travel by advisor to London on airport and from the mentor end to check-in. It had been difficult going, as you would expect.

"At check-in, we had been hit with a large costs for excess baggage. I was thinking – 'what a rip-off'. Today it is a whole lot worse – aided by the budget air companies you'll hardly take something agreeable if you don't spend extra.

"anyhow, I was angry and talked to many other young people on our journey, many of who had been also students going home for holidays. Most of them had already been forced to pay extra luggage – exactly what other choice was truth be told there?

"On the airplane, we began thinking of another solution. Midway through short flight, I had the clear answer: courier. I then scribbled down some numbers to matter if the concept ended up being viable; £20 to £25 per case felt affordable. It was about half whatever they will have to pay otherwise – either on extra baggage or by giving things by post.


"i understand general market trends is important, but with what was to become sendmybag.com, We knew there is demand – I would talked to adequate disgruntled folks in the airport.

"Neither I nor my womanfriend nor any of our student friends knew of any existing service. I did some online research and couldn't find anyone, so I was confident there was no competition.

"I asked different nationwide couriers for quotes – without revealing my business idea, naturally, you need to be cautious. It turned out i possibly could undoubtedly charge £20-£25 per product and still make a profit.

"Within days I would assembled a business program. I had a fundamental site built and away we went – it cost me personally about £100 all-in. Admittedly, our marketing research wasn't comprehensive, but because I didn't need certainly to spend loads of money, I took the plunge. 1 week later we were profiled on television in Northern Ireland therefore we begun to get enquiries. It had been exactly the right season, so we had been happy.


"Before starting, I tried to think of reasoned explanations why the business may well not work. I've additionally had people ask myself how about we pupils simply just send unique baggage by courier. Well, you will be charged all of them much more, plus, they're going to must added the full time and effort, while all that's necessary do is follow three simple actions on our website. Lastly, our solution is ultra reliable – why would some one bother doing it on their own when they might not obtain stuff because rapidly?

"pupils are our target and core customers, but we attract company from other folks, too. The business enterprise goes from energy to strength, but that's just already been possible because my preliminary idea ended up being an excellent one."

Adam's three key classes

  • "If you've done your research as they are confident you've got a unique idea, obtain it to market rapidly"
  • "If for example the concept is good, do not unnecessarily wait launch by awaiting every thing becoming perfect. Improvements can be made later – but that is perhaps not an excuse for being careless or unprofessional"
  • "never ever start a business without researching or having deep understanding of your marketplace"

This case study was first posted in November 2009. Since that time SendmyBag moved from energy to energy. The business showed up on Dragons' Den in October 2012 and though it did not safe financial investment through the Dragons, it did attract the interest of some other investor.

Source: www.startupdonut.co.uk
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